Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Rhythm of Autumn

     It has been difficult lately, to get into the kitchen for large swaths of time to really get down to the business of cooking.  I long to bustle about in the heat of the kitchen, chopping, sauteing, baking and braising all morning long, after the kids have gotten on the bus, the entire house to myself. Complete peace and quiet with the whole day laid out before me to do with as I please.  But in spite of my lack of glorious amounts of personal time, I have managed to squeeze it in, an hour here, 30 minutes, there in order mainly to get food on the table for the hungry mouths I signed up to feed.  But at least it's the food that I crave at this time of year, so there is some satisfaction in that.

     As the rhythm of the seasons forces us indoors, the leaves turn crimson and gold casting their glorious reflection on the smooth glass of the gray blue ocean, I am inspired to cook all foods that I find to be as comforting and warm as a heavy wool sweater on a crisp autumn morning. Apple pies laced with cinnamon and nutmeg, buttery cheddar and chive cocktail scones that go perfectly with the warm embrace of red wine, easy Crock Pot roast with a sweet/savory gravy from cranberry sauce and Lipton Onion Soup Mix, followed by Fall Harvest Fruit crisp, warm from the oven and topped with melty vanilla ice cream.
Fall Harvest Fruit Crisp
     Of course, I must also celebrate the most kid friendly of all holidays.  Halloween.  Jack-o-lanterns and tacky decorations are tempered with deliciously decadent chocolate cupcakes complete with spider webs and orange sugar on top.  And if you happen to have leftover candy and you don't know what to do with it?  You can always put together a fancy, gourmet chocolate bark to impress your friends.

Val's Devil's Food Cupcakes

    As October comes to a close and November brings decadent ideas for the biggest meal day of all, I look forward to diving into to pumpkin recipes: a classic family one for pumpkin bread and a new fangled  idea for a pumpkin cake with mascarpone frosting.  Wish me luck.  Pumpkin has not been a favorite with my lovely children in the past but I am hoping to win them over much like I did with an old fashioned molasses cake just last week.

    Until then, I hope you enjoy the brisk autumn air while catching a few glorious sunsets before daylight savings eats up our days too quickly.  See you in November.

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