Saturday, December 1, 2018

My New Book: Notes From Val's Kitchen: Stories, Food and Life on Cape Cod

  So, I wrote a book.
  Well, actually, I put together a collection of my favorite blog posts from 2008-2016.  Can you believe I have been writing this blog for that long?  I definitely cannot.  The posts are organized by subject instead of dates which makes for an interesting analysis of my thoughts on my childhood, motherhood, my family and, of course, my friends.  It's all wrapped up in a paperback that you can snuggle up with in bed or throw in your beach bag.  The reading is light enough that you don't need to think much about it and most of my musings include recipes, too.  So you can make a snack or a cocktail or both if you want something to go with the entertainment.
  It's been a long journey, compiling the posts, editing and formatting.  Go easy on me if you find any errors, I hope there aren't too many that I've missed.  I had some superb help with the technical aspects from my friend, Patti Fitzgerald and great assistance from Stefanie Morrison with my grammar and punctuation.  There are so many people who are special to me mentioned in my stories, that I must thank. And thank you most of all to Val and Dick, my parents who inspire all of it.
  If you feel inclined to get a copy for yourself or someone else (makes a great gift!), please click on the link below.  By the way, I am always available for autographs especially if you bribe me with a cookie.

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