Terrific Tools

  There are some tried and true kitchen tools that I find myself using over and over again.  My kitchen is small and I don't have a ton of storage space.  So, if it's useful, I keep it.  If it is just a silly gadget, it goes into the Goodwill pile!

  With that in mind, here are some of my favorites:

There is no way that I could live without my trusty KitchenAid.  I use it for everything from making chocolate chip cookie dough to mixing and kneading bread and creating soft peaked whip cream in just minutes!  This one is about the same size as mine.  I have had my little white KitchenAid that I got as a wedding gift for 17 years now and it is still as much of a workhorse today as it was on the day I took it out of the box..

Don't ask me what I did before these silicone baking mats came along.  Perfect for baking cookies, roasting vegetables or fruit and even freezing biscuits to bake later.  Silpat is one of the originals.  Their product holds up well and is worth getting the namebrand.


This enameled cast iron pot is affordable and heavy duty.  I use it to make large pots of soup, fry up doughnuts, cook creamy homemade mac n' cheese as well as bake crusty bread in my oven.  Mine is bright red just like the one below and adds a pop of color in my kitchen.  I leave it out on the counter not only because I use it all the time but it's pretty, too!

*These are my personal recommendations to friends and family and really anyone who asks me about what is in my kitchen.  A purchase made by clicking on the link provided will pay me a percentage of all sales made that are redirected from this site.

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